• The Makeup

    If you don't already know, in December of 2020, I decided to partner with Seint beauty as an artist. Seint is a beauty company built off of the idea that "helping others look beautiful is nice, but helping them believe they are beautiful is life-changing". Seint is a cream-based makeup brand. The makeup moves with your skin, instead of drying or cracking. Seint also offers a skincare line, amazing makeup brushes, and more. 

    I originally joined Seint as a way to further connect with my shoppers, and women in general, and throughout the past month its been so much more than that. 

    In the next few months, you will see us offer in-person makeup classes at Ruby's Attic, along with color matching, and maybe even a makeover giveaway. 

    We are so excited to add this little side biz to Ruby's Attic offerings. We just know you will love it!

    Click this link below to get to browsing all Seint has to offer!


    Scroll to see some before and after pictures! If you have questions, want to be color matches, or are interested in finding out how to become a Seint artist, send me an email at