About Ruby's Attic

So why Ruby's Attic you ask? Well, we have to go way way back. From the time I was teeny tiny little girl, I spent my evenings after school and every summer with a very, very special lady, my Great Grandma Ruby. To know Grandma Ruby was to love her. She was kind, strong, loved Jesus fiercely, and her family meant everything to her.

When my sisters and I were at her house, we were free to create, imagine, and try new things. We spent hours cutting and gluing construction paper, carpeting and wallpapering our wooden dollhouse, using scraps of fabric to sew our barbies their own pillows and blankets. We baked in the summer heat in her backyard, splashing around in the little plastic baby pool with a slide that she would buy for us every year. Our most favorite thing though, was climbing up the creaking stairs to her attic to the rooms where she kept all of her fabric scraps, buttons and ribbon, and our mom and aunts dresses from the 80's. Grandma would let us bring them down stairs and play in them all day long. She had so much big costume jewelry we would go through and accessorize with. We would take the bolts of fabric up there and create our own dresses, and cut, pin and secure all day long. We would find artificial flowers and make bouquets, decorate her living room up as the church and have "weddings" or dances, or sing Patsy Cline to her record player. I always felt so fabulous in those dresses and had the best time. 

Fast forward 15-20 years and here I am. I spent a year and a half under a MLM business retailing clothes. I loved what I was doing. I loved meeting new people. I loved seeing them fall in love with their clothes, but I needed more control. You see, I'm a dreamer. I stayed up late for weeks on end searching for a different company that would give me what I needed. It came down to two different companies, and I just couldn't choose. After pros and cons, sleepless nights and lots of YouTube videos, I sat in the couch one night, super frustrated, and looked at my husband and said "I just want to create my own online boutique." And it hit me right there and then that there really was nothing keeping me from doing that. And the dream was realized. And when naming this little business I just couldn't get my Grandma Ruby out of my brain. She was such a huge part of my life growing up and her home is really where I gained my love for all things "dress up." 

So, my prayer is that as I start this journey with Ruby's Attic, I can create a place for you all to find something that makes you feel as beautiful as those dresses did in my grandma's attic; that I can create a space that shows every woman, size small and beyond, just how fabulous they really are and that I can keep my precious grandma's memory alive. 

Thanks so much for shopping small and supporting our little family!